domingo, julho 11, 2010

Rain Down On Me

Mas é que adoro, adoro, adoro, esta música!!!!

Têm algo, que bem... não sei mesmo explicar...

"If only for a day,
Oh if only for one night,
I could tell you this is everything that i have ever lived for,
But I'd be giving it all away.
So look into these eyes,
And tell me how you feel.
All my days of misery, someone could have taken them from me.

So tell me where you are,
Tell me how you feel.
Tell me what you need,
Just tell me how you feel.
And let it all just rain on me,
Let it all just rain on me,
Let it all just rain on me...
Rain down on me."

Rain Down On Me

2 comentários:

  1. Kane, eu adorooooooooooooooooooo :)
    Como tu bem sabes...

    Amo a Crazy Warnings...

  2. Bom gosto!!!


    Tb gosto mt desta musica!!!


escreve... vá lá... não custa nada... ;)